1. Buildings : The College has Four Buildings .
(a.) Main Building
(b.) Administrative Building
(c.) Library Building
(d.) Laboratory Building

2. LABORATORIES : The College has well equiped and developed laboratory with latest sophisticated Instruments and Appratus in the following subjects:-

(a.) Physics 60 x 35 (1)
(b.) Chemistry 60 x 35 (1)
(c.) Botany 60 x 35 (1)
(d.) Zoology 60 x 35 (1)
(e.) Geography 60 x 35 (1)
(f.) Psychology 60 x 35 (1)
(g.) Home Science 60 x 35 (1)

3. LIBRARY : The College has a reasonably developed computerized Library with reading room facilities. The Library has fully atomized Library Management Software. The Library contains about 11,000 Books in different subjects, Mostly Text Books and about 50 journals & Magazines in different subjects & topics. Rest Books and journals will be procured as per syllabus.

4. AUDITORIUM : The College has full-fledged auditorium for the workshop of all the departments Physical Science, Biological & Social Science.

5. EQUIPMENTS : The College has Well Equipped Laboratories with Audio – Visual Aids and Teaching Aids and latest techniques for the College Students.

6. COMPUTER FACILITY : The College has Well Setup Computer Labs with Experts for College Students.